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Solonics Color Coded Backboard System

All backboards are available in wood or metal. The backboards are color coded for installer ease of identification. The standard 183 boards are available with 89B & 89D brackets for 66 block installation. We also make a new version designed for 110 applications.

The color code is an industry standard method for identification:

  • Blue boards are for the cables that go to the customer station.shroomboard.jpg (17606 bytes)
  • Green boards are cables toward the central office.
  • Red boards are the cables to the key telephone equipment.
  • Purple boards are for the cables to the PBX.
  • Yellow boards are for the cables to the special service equipment.
  • White boards are for routing cross-connect wire management.
Mounting Hardware Solonics Mounting Hardware:
Brackets:  S89B and S89D

Distribution Post:  S20A and S20B
D-Ring:  S30A

wiremanagement.jpg (16391 bytes) Solonics Wire Management & Cable Distribution Products

Solonics manufactures a line of wire managers and hinged brackets. These products are practical, adaptable and promote proper installation practices. The various sizes accommodate any size job, reduce cord bundle congestion and tension stress.

All hinged brackets are black 19" for patch panel mounting, mounting screws included and are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.75" P/N SHB175
  • 3.50" P/N SHB350
  • 5.25" P/N SHB525
  • 7.00" P/N SHB700
  • 10.50" P/N SHB1050
hinges.jpg (9576 bytes)
S110  FIELD-TERMINATED 19" KITS 19" 110 Rack Mounted Blocks:

110 wiring blocks mounted on a 19" panel for rack mount installations.

  • 100 pair, 200 pair & 300 pair configurations.
  • Kit form with the C-3, C-4 or C-5 connectors.
110 wiring block cross-connect system Solonics 110 Cross Connect Systems Wiring Blocks:

Designed to support voice and high speed data applications, Solonics 110 cross connect offers a reliable and economical high-density system with Category 5e performance.

These units come in many different configurations to fit any installation.

  • 50 pair, 100 pair, 200 pair & 300 pair configurations.
  • Horizontal index strips that secure 25 pairs of 22AWG to 26AWG wire contacts. These are divided into 5 pair increments.
  • Standoff legs for wall mounting to accommodate rear cable routing.
  • Low profile version without the legs are also available.
  • Kit form includes the wiring block, C-3, C-4 or C-5 connectors, designation strips and plastic holders all in a bag for convenience on the job.
110 HIGH DENSITY CROSS-CONNECT SYSTEM AND 110 VERTICAL WIRE MANAGER  TROUGH Solonics 110 High Density Cross-Connect System and 110 Vertical Wire Manager Trough:

Wall Mounting Frame Style -
110 cross connect wiring products, category 5e, available in 300, 600 and 900 pair configurations. Available in Kits with the bases, mounting frame, cable tray, C-4 and C-5 connector blocks, label strip holders and white label strips.
  Vertical wire manager trough is an optional accessory for the "110 high density cross connect system". This product provides vertical path for cable management.

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